Amino Acids Arginine and Lysine in cherry juice – builds lean muscle while you sleep. Repairs and regenerates muscle. Effective for those who have difficulty losing weight or those who want to lose fat and build lean muscle. Improves skin tone and youthful appearance.


FigR8 is an amino acid and cherry juice punch, which combines the amino acids arginine pyroglutamate and lysine with the added antioxidant and detox benefits of cherries. Arginine pyroglutamate crosses the blood-brain barrier whilst we sleep to fully activate the nitrogen uptake into the muscles, so that when we arise we are better prepared to exercise.

This formula when taken at bed time may activate the release of the hormones that stimulate lean muscle repair and development. Many individuals who gain weight and exercise yet find it difficult to tone up, have a disproportionate ratio of lean muscle to body fat which may tend to slow metabolism. Improving the releasing factors to increase the youthful essence involved in the production of lean muscle, may be the solution for those who find it hard to lose weight despite their best efforts of a good diet and exercise. Maintaining lean muscle as we age, provides better ground structure for good skin tone and therefore a more youthful appearance.

Directions: 10-15mls in half a glass of water before bed.

Ingredients: Arginine pyroglutamate, Lysine, Cherry Juice


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