Based on Dr Bernie Siegel’s book “Love Medicine and Miracles”

The following is an excerpt from Dr Bernie Siegel:
When I offer them a choice between an operation and a change in lifestyle, eight out of ten say, “Operate. It hurts less. That way all I have to do is get a babysitter for the week I’m in hospital.” At the other extreme are those I call exceptional patients, or survivors. They refuse to participate in defeat – like one woman in my care, a blind diabetic amputee with cancer, who has lived longer than statistics would have predicted and now spends much of her time on the phone cheering up other patients. She and other exceptional patients have taught me that the mind can dramatically affect the body and that the ability to love is not limited to body illness. About 15 to 20 percent of all patients unconsciously, or even consciously, wish to die.
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