The Importance of Relationships

Physicians must realise that the patients they consider difficult or uncooperative are those who are most likely to get well. Psychologist Leonard Derogatis, in a study of thirty-five women with metastatic breast cancer, found that the long-term survivors had poor relationships with their physicians – as judged by physicians.

To help find out whether you have the outlook of an exceptional patient right now, ask yourself this question before reading further: Do you want to live to be a hundred? In ECaP we have found that the capacity to be an exceptional patient is accurately predicted by an immediate,visceral “Yes!” with no ifs, ands, or buts. Most people will say, “Well yes, as long as you can guarantee I’ll be healthy.”

Exceptional patients do indeed want to be educated and made “doctors” of their own cases. One of the most important roles they demand of their physicians is that of teacher.


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