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I don’t remember changing anything drastically. I started living by basic health principles taught by Dr Bill. I began to drop weight and feel really good. I wasn’t tired during the day anymore, when before I would need an afternoon nap. Even after pregnancy, just living by these simple health principles, I quickly got back to my pre-baby weight and lost even more. I love Dr Bill’s education, products and would highly recommend them to everyone – especially other mums like me!*


With Dr Bill’s help I lost 10kgs in just one month! On the 8 day detox, I lost 3.9kgs. It was great! It’s been a month now and I’ve already lost 10kgs in total. People ask me all the time “what are you taking?” and I tell them it’s Zeta8. They are so blown away by the results and so am I. I’m now 93kgs and more toned. I love it!*


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*Weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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