Finally – Scientific Research and a Trial Into Vit C and Cancer – BUT…

Yes there is usually a BUT!

Professor Magreet  Vissers of Otago University New Zealand has been interested in doing research in this topic for sometime BUT: has been unable to get funding for her project. She needed a Million dollars to do the trial and research.

As usual no one with the money is interested as there is not enough profit in it.

When you watch the initial video that’s what the situation was then. Since then she was able to obtain some initial funding to start the project and results have been very promising so far. My son Josh is trying to raise money through Go Fund Me ( to do his small bit. He even sacrificed his birthday money and a new surfboard.

If everyone donated just $10 it would really mount up Even if you are not interest in donating it makes interesting reading, especially the video about a Policeman who was told that the Doctors could do no more for him and to go home at get his affairs in order as he only had weeks to live.

You never know if you or a loved one could need this information.
Go to this link to get the full story and watch the video.

Thank You for Your Prayers, Concern and Input

Thank You for Your Prayers, Concern and Input

You may all be wondering why I haven’t given you a report sooner than this.

I was waiting to report a significant positive result before I gave you an update but I also felt it important to thank all of those who have been so supportive in my recent struggle with my cancer. So there is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is that I am feeling much better and my energy is much improved. I feel mentally strong most of the time, although that is a battle I have to fight within myself. My arm is much less swollen than it used to be and it has improved in other ways. Where it is still a problem is in the restriction in the movement of my arm. I’m limited in its use and I’m also in considerable pain from time to time. The pain is much better than is was initially, probably 10% to what it was but it still limits me, still depresses me, still restricts me and it’s still a battle that I am fighting.

But the main reason for this update is to thank everyone and to let you know that I am improving in most aspects, just not all. It’s frustrating that I can’t do what I want to do, which is part of the battle I have to fight. It is obviously a long term project and my position at the moment is to just keep doing what I am doing, exploring new options, and keep trying different things.

I have more options than I can actually apply so thank you to all who contributed various suggestions and told me about various things. I try to go by what I feel is right for me and I’m probably applying 20% if that, of all the possible things I could be trying. There are simply too many, and it can get overwhelming and sometimes you feel like giving up because it requires such an effort, and such focus to keep putting at the forefront of your life, all the things that need doing.

Obviously there have been many lessons in this for me, many benefits not just for me but for others also.

So this is an interim report just to let you know that I’m still continuing on and still overall feel positive and confident that I will have a successful outcome.

It is taking much longer than I would like and it is frustrating but it is what it is. So thank you one and all and I wish I had more to tell you but I thought I better give you an update because it has just been too long as it is. So once again thank you everyone, I really appreciate all your love, your prayers and your support.

To Your Health,
Dr. Bill

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