Latest Breakthrough in Spinal Treatment

Latest Breakthrough in Spinal Treatment

Recently, Channel 7 News featured a medical doctor who was using what they termed a low level laser for back pain treatment. They interviewed her patient who had severe debilitating life changing back pain and after the laser treatment she was completely free of pain and was able to function normally again. The doctor who was using the laser was interviewed and stated that she believed that this was a revolutionary form of treatment that had many applications.

So what is laser treatment?

Some of you may be familiar with what we term hot lasers. They are lasers that are used to cut metals or even cut through human tissue such as the skin. Surgeons and cosmetic doctors can use Laser to actually cut or use the laser to cut back some of the surface of the skin.

Low level laser is not a hot laser, it doesn’t cut, and it doesn’t burn.

It actually penetrates through the skin into the body and transmits light or photons into the target tissue which can be the skin or other areas of the body such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, etc.

The photons from the laser light have a regenerative effect upon the cells.

So put simply low level or cold laser as it is also called actually has a healing therapeutic effect on whatever you target with it.

We now have in the clinic one of these lasers and because we have only had it a short time we have only been able to assess its benefits in a limited way.

So far we have been very impressed with the results and can see how it certainly assists with the healing process.

Ashley, my assistant, was getting sore wrists from the work she was doing in the clinic. Now normally when you get this type of problem it’s usually from overuse, like a repetitive strain injury. You need to stop whatever it is you are doing or stop for a period of time to enable the injury to recover. Even after recovery the person may have to be more careful with the things that they do, there may still be some restrictions.

We did some regular treatments for Ashley; structural work on her wrists, elbows and spine but when we introduced the laser as well, the results were more profound. As Ashley states in her own words her wrists have never felt better now that she is using the laser on them. So we can see what would have normally been a difficult problem to treat has now become more straight forward and even more importantly Ashley is able to continue with her work which would have been doubtful otherwise.

You can see from this example how laser really improves the body’s ability to repair itself.

Putting it as simply as we can, what the laser does is improves lymphatic drainage which is obviously important for healing, blood flow, nerve function and the improvement of the targeted cell in its function whatever the target cell is, whether that’s muscle, ligament, tendon, or whatever.

If you go to the PubMed website you will see a lot of published articles on low level cold laser and in fact the uses are almost innumerable, there are thousands of research articles out now on this new form of therapy and there are many professionals now embracing this type of therapy to improve their results, both medical and otherwise.

There are quite a few chiropractors that use laser in their clinics.

It can also be used to rejuvenate the skin so it also has application for beauty and appearance and anti-aging.

As we gain more information and more results we will keep you updated on the many uses of this new therapy we now have available in the clinic.

If you would like more information just ask.

To Your Health

Dr. Bill

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