Miracle Molecule that May Reduce NeuroDegeneration and Ageing

It’s Called NAD and May Also Help Mental Disorders, Learning and Behavioural Difficulties in Children, Arthritis, Cholesterol Balance and Even More

Revealed in this Webinar is the simple, common and inexpensive Vitamin that the body uses to manufacture its own supply of NAD and how NAD provides the cell’s energy source for every function of your body

You will also discover:

·       The food sources of this unheralded Vitamin

·       The many other conditions that may be helped

·       The correct dosages and other instructions etc for optimum results

·       The research that supports these claims

Click here to register for Dr Bill’s webinar on Wednesday 7:30pm June 17 to find out more on how you can get more NAD.

Free Health Coaching Program…

My son Josh is running a Free Health Coaching Program and I will make a guest appearance, here are the details:

Dr. Bill & JD’s 8 Week Wholistic Health Program Overview (Program Starting Soon So Take Action Now!)

Month 1- Detox & Weightloss
Week 1  Fruit & Vegetable Cleanse
Week 2 Weight Loss Pillars
Week 3 Food Combinations and “Metabolic Type”
Week 4 Macronutrients

Month 2- Getting AND staying healthy
Week 5  Boosting Metabolism & Muscle Toning
Week 6  The BIG 3
Week 7  Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Week 8  Stress Management

How the program will run

Once you have met the entry requirements for the program (see below) I will add you to the facebook coaching group. In this group I will deliver the following:

  •  All course content
  •  Weekly steps to follow
  •  Q&A webinars with Josh and Dr. Bill (as special guest)
  •  This will also provide a forum for you to ask questions which we will check periodically. 

I would also strongly encourage you to use this space to support, motivate and encourage each other along this journey. 

Requirements to join the program

  1.  Purchase the following detox products and send me your receipt as proof of purchase. (Or send me a photo for those who already have them at home). These products are available from any health food store, pharmacy etc. and would cost around $80 total.

       2. Complete goals sheet and return via email. joshwdavison@gmail.com 

Tag Josh Davison https://www.facebook.com/josh.davison.169 in a social media post letting the world know that you are making a positive commitment towards your health by participating in an 8 week program. This will help keep you accountable 

In case you haven’t realized yet, these “entry requirements” don’t benefit us in any way. They are there to ensure you are committed and accountable so you can achieve your best results. That is what I SINCERELY want for you. 

Day 1 of the program begins on Sunday 3rd May. We will be posting Week 1 content and instructions by Thursday 30th April in our Zoom meeting @ 7pm (register below). Therefore we will need you to have completed the steps above by 7:00pm Saturday 2nd May AEST. If you are unable to participate for any reason, please let us know and I will keep you posted about future programs.

Register here:


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