Unlimited fruit
Unlimited vegetables
Unlimited vegetable juice

To sweeten the vegetable juice you may add small portions of apple or pineapple.
Avoid eating too many starchy veggies e.g. Potato, Pumpkin, sweet potato etc.

To receive full benefits, commit to doing this for the full 8 days.
If this becomes too hard try one day on, one day off or two days on two days off.
Another option is to do one day a week, and as your body gets used to it you can do two days every two weeks, three days every three weeks and so on. Again if this is too hard, you could replace one meal a day with fruit and vegetables. It’s better to start somewhere and eventually work your way up to the full 8 days.

Dr. Bill personally uses and recommends a cold press juicer for your veggie juices. A Cold Press juicer will help you get the most out of your veggies. It helps to maintain higher amounts of nutrients and keep valuable enzymes that may be lost during the high speed and heat of a conventional juicer.

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