Yes there is usually a BUT!

Professor Magreet  Vissers of Otago University New Zealand has been interested in doing research in this topic for sometime BUT: has been unable to get funding for her project. She needed a Million dollars to do the trial and research.

As usual no one with the money is interested as there is not enough profit in it.

When you watch the initial video that’s what the situation was then. Since then she was able to obtain some initial funding to start the project and results have been very promising so far. My son Josh is trying to raise money through Go Fund Me ( to do his small bit. He even sacrificed his birthday money and a new surfboard.

If everyone donated just $10 it would really mount up Even if you are not interest in donating it makes interesting reading, especially the video about a Policeman who was told that the Doctors could do no more for him and to go home at get his affairs in order as he only had weeks to live.

You never know if you or a loved one could need this information.
Go to this link to get the full story and watch the video.

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