We have a special offer today that means you can get one of our amazing products for free and at the same time, get your financial health in order.

Sometimes I get asked what ‘wholistic health’ means. A wholistic approach considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body and spirit.

I believe that every aspect of our life affects our overall health and there are numerous studies on the impact of stress on our bodies. One major area of stress in our modern society is money. What if we could help sort both our physical and financial health at the same time?

I’ve got good news for you – we can help! I have managed to secure one of Australia’s leading fund managers to offer my community a free super search. (Only available in Australia). A “super search” is a detailed search on your behalf with the ATO and other agencies to track down all of your superannuation, wherever it is.

Simply fill out a simple form to have your free super search performed for you. That’s all it takes – pretty simple, don’t you agree?

I have done it myself and it only took me about 1 minute and was completely online! There are no paper forms to fill out and sign. Once the online form is completed I will email you your coupon so you can claim your free health product.

How does a super search benefit you?

As people change jobs, move house etc their superannuation is often scattered and mixed up in various under-performing funds paying unnecessary fees for each fund. The statistics are scary:

· 1 in 4 people have more than 5 super funds
· 1 in 2 people have lost super money
· 1 in 3 people cannot afford to retire at age 65

You have nothing to lose so why not give it a try. One of my business partners recently completed the search and found just over $2,000 owing to him.

A few words from those who have completed the super search:

Even if you think you have had the same superfund, you could be wrong. One such client changed jobs, gave his new employer his current superfund details. The superfund created a second account for him, charging him 2 sets of fees that he didn’t even know about.

Another client found over $50,000 in lost super that he had forgotten about because he had moved house 10 years earlier.

Just click to have your free super search performed right now and get your bonus free health product! We’ll email you the link for your coupon code to use in our online store. You can choose from one of 6 health products, valued at $47 including products for weight loss, energy, hormone balance or more.

Good luck with your search! Don’t forget to share with your family and friends so they can take advantage of this offer.

To Your Health (physical and financial!),
Dr Bill

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