Escape from death… just

Hi everyone this is Dad here or Dr Bill depending on our relationship and wanted to do a blog based on my previous recent experience

Now right from the outset I want to warn you this is not for everyone, I’m quite happy for anyone to watch it but it certainly has a very strong Spiritual component so i’m doing this for for personal reasons and for my family and for my friends so anyone who wants to tag along that’s fine but I just warn you at the beginning. So yes it’s not for everyone.

Now just a quick history of my sicknesses, most of you know my arm matter four and a half years ago and about about four months ago I got a problem with basil cell carcinoma behind my ear, I got it on the inside of the ear and I was using a cream to get rid of it because I thought this is not going to be pretty

If I have surgery so I thought I could beat it, unfortunately even though the the cream helped it on the inside of the ear on the back of the ear it grew through and it grew quite large and aggressive so I went to to see about it and get it dealt with. And on my where my shoulder was removed there was a very small lump and the surgeon said yeah we can we can take that as well well from that to time on when I saw him the lump just grew and grew and grew to become the size of a large tennis ball and even though it didn’t feel too bad I just started to get really sick and got to the point where I was lost control of my mind.

All I was doing was sleeping and that was something that started gradually and continued on for about nearly four months and it got to the point where I was seriously ill and they had me in hospital. Now I believe what was causing how I felt was the fact that even though there was cancer on there it actually was causing toxicity through my whole body again it was the toxicity that was basically knocking me out mentally and physically.

Anyway, so there was a rapid deterioration as I said of my mind and my body and you know I was seeing the doctors at the hospital. Now it got to the point where I became so seriously ill I just thought I was going to die, literally. And the surgeons, I have great respect for them, this saved my life literally but they have these protocols that they’re meant to follow and if the protocol doesn’t match then they often won’t proceed so they didn’t want to operate because all the protocols weren’t there and eventually long story short, because I was going to die and they didn’t think i’d live through it to the operation they operated anyway and within two days from the operation I was actually a zillion times better mentally.

So I had this huge wound on my back probably about the size of a football, not as deep but just in shape so I have this huge wound on my back.

I had the operation ten days ago from today on the fourth of November 2020 and within a couple of days I was just amazingly bette. So I stayed in hospital for a week and stayed a bit longer than normal so I could get the skin grafter treated on my back and then I came home about four days ago. I cannot believe the difference, I’ve been in hospital for a week and then coming home. In hospital I just can’t describe it, it was like, maybe a bad example, getting a million dollars, I mean that’s how good it felt so I got out of hospital.

i’m probably just jumping around a bit here and, oh yeah I just wanted to share that hospitals obviously necessary but I was lying there every night and through the day not sleeping at all basically for seven days. I laid there maybe dozed off a little bit at night. I lay there wide awake but my mind was so positive and so active I was making all these plans and working things out in my head and I had this huge spiritual shift within me.

it’s in so much that my the love mark for my wife went up a thousand percent yeah I know that’s just a figure of speech but I in our marriage I would have given our marriage maybe you know a seven out of ten and my wife said to me today she would give it a two out of ten. Okay so that just tells you how you know where our marriage was at and I thought our marriage was doing okay but anyway.

So the love for my wife has just actually gone through the roof and and now we we do things like walking down the beach holding hands and you know having all these things we’re going to do together um so basically she’s now number one in my life and my it’s my whole ?? to to love her and to make her life as happy as possible she was amazing through the the whole ordeal strong, strong hands and so she, she’s my hero and now i’m kind of like dedicated my life to her.

Also I felt a similar love for my family and for my friends and basically for everyone, I was just, all I wanted to do was to love and serve God and to help others. Now i’ve always been that way inclined but this this again is about a thousand percent greater.

Now i’d like to just touch on how I was healed, I think that’s important so I think there’s a number of reasons why I was able to pull through and number one of course is God, God’s power I think God’s power was very important there, however I believe that god works through our faith if you read the new testament, Jesus was able to heal some people but not others because, as it says there, they didn’t have the faith to be healed and so many things that require God’s power also require our faith to activate that power. So I belonged to a church that where the men hold the priesthood of the Saviour and I had all the men using their faith that were praying for me in my church. I had my bishop who gave me a couple of blessings which, had the Saviour been there he would have done the blessing but my bishop gave me blessings. So I had my fellow members and the sisters at church all praying for me and using that faith.

I had all my family that were doing the same thing they were all praying for me I had friends, so I had this great group of people that were all using their faith and their prayers to help me.

And so I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those that actually played a part in basically saving my life and i’m not being melodramatic about that.

A couple of interesting things on the side, a few days after the operation when I was there talking to my son he said you know you were dying dad and I said really I didn’t realise because my mind had gone I didn’t realise that, he said no you were dying and I thought oh i’ll just double check that with my wife and I checked with her she said, yeah she said you you were definitely on your way out! So that that’s not being melodramatic that’s just going by what what they were saying so I want to thank, as I said everyone involved for basically saving my life.

Now my daughter visited just recently and she pointed something out also that I didn’t think of so this is not me saying how wonderful I am, it’s my daughter saying: ‘..but you know dad you’re also a fighter” so I thought that was interesting that she would make that observation.

Now in closing I just want to again say how i’ve had a major major shift in my outlook on life, on my marriage, on my family, I’ve had a major shift in spirituality, in love. All I want to do is to make a difference in the world and to help people. So that’s that’s it, that’s basically it, I don’t really need to say anymore that’s my story and I thank you for listening and I love you all and life is really wonderful but hopefully you shouldn’t have to have
a death experience. Will some of it wear off? probably but even if I just maintain 50 of it it will still be well worthwhile so thank you all again for your for everything you do you’ve done for me.

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·       The correct dosages and other instructions etc for optimum results

·       The research that supports these claims

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Natural Herbal Remedy for Treating the Covid 19 Virus

The President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina claims to have a herbal formula that works effectively on the Corona Virus. There are three herbs in the mix, the main one being Artemesia. He would not reveal what the other two were. What I find interesting is the response by the interviewers  to his claim. You can watch the interview below.

I have added a few thoughts of my own in the video below

To your health

Dr Bill

Compulsory Influenza Vaccine? (Part 2)

Should the Influenza Vaccine or any Other Vaccine be Compulsory?

Medical Disclaimer
This is not Anti-Vaccination Information. It is intended as Pro-Safe Vaccination and Pro-Choice, Informed Consent Education

I had such a positive response to our last blog we thought we should do a Part 2 on the same subject.
Below are the summaries and references on some of the topics mention in the Video Blog.I repeat again for emphasis -this information is provided for education purposes only: to enable you to make informed choices.
It also informs you about the opinions and choices of others and the efforts of those who are fighting to preserve those rights.

This is a Petition in opposition to the Government’s directive to enforce the influenza vaccination  of all those associated with aged care.

“A directive issued by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on March 18th 2020 based on advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) instructed all states and territories to enforce all residential aged care workers, visitors, and contractors to be injected with the Influenza Vaccination from May 1, or lose employment, visitation with loved ones, and the ability for contractors to work on the premises

Petition EN1528 – Stop coercion of Australians to be medicated with Influenza Vaccinations.

This is a Lawyer instigating a class action for those mentioned above and others.

I include part of her Facebook post:
“Like to join a vaccination choice class action?
FYI – an important legal action pending
“I am a lawyer starting a class action with regards to the influenza mandate. This is against human rights. Not only that, there are no independent vaccine safety studies. Furthermore the Cochrane review provided that influenza vaccines are not efficient- meaning they don’t do what they are supposed to. There are also horrendous side effects on the labels themselves such as neurological disorders. Please advise if you are interested in joining this class action.
My name is Serene Teffaha. My mobile is 0425 754299.
Please note that I am representing the following:
1- People who have been suspended or terminated from their employ because of their refusal- based on all reasons whether religious, no safety studies, being pregnant etc.
2- People who have been denied access to visiting a loved one at an aged care facility for their refusal (see link for more).

Are there any risks involved with the Influenza Vaccine?

We have to be careful with small sampling (low numbers) of risk versus benefit but neither should we ignore potential risk just because it is low. Again we should have the choice regarding the risk.
“The family of a West Australian child left severely disabled after receiving a flu jab has reached a settlement with the vaccine’s manufacturer and the State Government.
Hundreds of children suffered adverse reactions after they were given the flu shot in 2010 with many of them taken to hospital. It led to an Australia-wide suspension of the vaccination for children under five.”

Does the Influenza Vaccination make it less or more likely to get the Coronavirus?

Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and other supporting Studies)

Click here to see Facebook Poll of 46,700 so far- Do you think a Corona Virus Vaccine should be compulsory? (opens in a new tab)

Is there an alternative to the influenza vaccine?

In a previous blog I listed my suggestions for a strong healthy Immune System and the recommendations of the I.S.O.M. for other protections (see “What You Must Know About COVID 19 and Vit C).For Flu prevention you may find it helpful to follow either or both of those recommendations.
A homeopathic remedy may also be helpful in addition to those mentioned.

To your Health

Dr Bill

Compulsory Influenza Vaccine?

Should the Influenza Vaccine or any Other Vaccine be Compulsory?

Medical Disclaimer

This is not Anti-Vaccination Information. It is intended as Pro-Safe Vaccination and Pro-Choice, Informed Consent Education

Recently my son Josh who is a teacher received some information from his school about a Nursing Organization that was planning to visit his school to administer the flu vaccine.

In part the publication which received its statistics from a Medical Doctor said the following:-

“During winter up to 25% of the population can get influenza and of these, 70-90% would have been prevented by the Flu Vaccine. The vaccine contains the four most likely strains expected to occur, but new strains can develop as winter progresses and existing strains mutate. So the answer is, about 80% of the time, the vaccine will completely prevent the Flu.”

Josh contacted the spokesperson and asked for the “references” that the information was based on. The Spokesperson said he would check it out and get back to him.

Josh did his own research and submitted this to the spokesperson.

According to the “Cochrane Library”, widely considered the highest level of evidence due to systematic reviews conducted by independent researchers, the effectiveness or benefit of the influenza vaccination compared to none vaccination is between 1-2%, with little or no reduction in work, and “may” lead to a small reduction in hospitalization.”

To find out what happened next – click here to watch my video

This a quote from the Cochrane Library website (see link below).

“We found 52 clinical trials of over 80,000 adults. We were unable to determine the impact of bias on about 70% of the included studies due to insufficient reporting of details. Around 15% of the included studies were well designed and conducted. We focused on reporting of results from 25 studies that looked at inactivated vaccines. Injected influenza vaccines probably have a small protective effect against influenza and influenza‐like illness (ILI), (moderate‐certainty evidence),

Inactivated vaccines can reduce the proportion of healthy adults (including pregnant women) who have influenza and ILI, but their impact is modest. We are uncertain about the effects of inactivated vaccines on working days lost or serious complications of influenza during influenza season.

Healthy adults who receive inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine rather than no vaccine probably have a 1% lower risk of experiencing influenza over a single influenza season (2.3% versus 1%, moderate‐certainty evidence) and probably have a 3.4% lower risk of experiencing influenza‐like illness (ILI) (21.5% versus 18.1%, moderate‐certainty evidence).”

This next link is a “documentary” featuring amongst others a number of well known Paediatric Medical Doctors calling for greater safety measures in producing and administering vaccines including informed consent.

To Your Health

Dr Bill

Finally – Scientific Research and a Trial Into Vit C and Cancer – BUT…

Yes there is usually a BUT!

Professor Magreet  Vissers of Otago University New Zealand has been interested in doing research in this topic for sometime BUT: has been unable to get funding for her project. She needed a Million dollars to do the trial and research.

As usual no one with the money is interested as there is not enough profit in it.

When you watch the initial video that’s what the situation was then. Since then she was able to obtain some initial funding to start the project and results have been very promising so far. My son Josh is trying to raise money through Go Fund Me ( to do his small bit. He even sacrificed his birthday money and a new surfboard.

If everyone donated just $10 it would really mount up Even if you are not interest in donating it makes interesting reading, especially the video about a Policeman who was told that the Doctors could do no more for him and to go home at get his affairs in order as he only had weeks to live.

You never know if you or a loved one could need this information.
Go to this link to get the full story and watch the video.

What You Must Know About COVID 19 and Vit C

Medical Disclaimer – This is not a claim to cure COVID 19. 
 It is for educational purposes only on strengthening the Immune System

This blog reveals the positives but also an unknown negative when using Vit C according to Dr Alberto Garoli.

Dr Garoli is an Osteopathic Physician working in Italy as part of a Medical team dealing with the Pandemic COVID 19 Virus

Andrew Saul reveals the benefits of Vit C for COVID 19

To help prevent the susceptibility to COVID 19 

The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine recommends the following Protocol

·        Vit C – 1000mg 3xdaily

·        Vit D – 5000 IUs once daily for 2 weeks then 2000 IUs once daily

·        Zinc – 20 mg daily

·        Selenium – 100mcg daily

·        Magnesium – 200mg 2xdaily

To strengthen the Immune System Dr Bill recommends

·        Supergreen Powder – 1tsp 2xdaily for 1 month then reduce to 1tsp 1xdaily thereafter

·        Colloidal Trace Minerals – 1tsp 2xdaily for 1 month then reduce to 1tsp 1xdaily thereafter

·        Colloidal Silver – 1 or 2tsp 2xdaily for 1 month then stop and resume if at risk of infection. Gargle thenm swallow

·        Vit C – 1000mg 3xdaily minimum. Increase as needed

60 Minutes TV Show tells the story of a Swine Flu victim’s life saved by Vit C

Free Health Coaching Program…

My son Josh is running a Free Health Coaching Program and I will make a guest appearance, here are the details:

Dr. Bill & JD’s 8 Week Wholistic Health Program Overview (Program Starting Soon So Take Action Now!)

Month 1- Detox & Weightloss
Week 1  Fruit & Vegetable Cleanse
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Week 4 Macronutrients

Month 2- Getting AND staying healthy
Week 5  Boosting Metabolism & Muscle Toning
Week 6  The BIG 3
Week 7  Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Week 8  Stress Management

How the program will run

Once you have met the entry requirements for the program (see below) I will add you to the facebook coaching group. In this group I will deliver the following:

  •  All course content
  •  Weekly steps to follow
  •  Q&A webinars with Josh and Dr. Bill (as special guest)
  •  This will also provide a forum for you to ask questions which we will check periodically. 

I would also strongly encourage you to use this space to support, motivate and encourage each other along this journey. 

Requirements to join the program

  1.  Purchase the following detox products and send me your receipt as proof of purchase. (Or send me a photo for those who already have them at home). These products are available from any health food store, pharmacy etc. and would cost around $80 total.

       2. Complete goals sheet and return via email. 

Tag Josh Davison in a social media post letting the world know that you are making a positive commitment towards your health by participating in an 8 week program. This will help keep you accountable 

In case you haven’t realized yet, these “entry requirements” don’t benefit us in any way. They are there to ensure you are committed and accountable so you can achieve your best results. That is what I SINCERELY want for you. 

Day 1 of the program begins on Sunday 3rd May. We will be posting Week 1 content and instructions by Thursday 30th April in our Zoom meeting @ 7pm (register below). Therefore we will need you to have completed the steps above by 7:00pm Saturday 2nd May AEST. If you are unable to participate for any reason, please let us know and I will keep you posted about future programs.

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