A patient came to see me, a personal trainer, very attractive, very fit looking, yet was not happy with her stomach or what she thought was her belly bulge. No matter how hard she trained, or how much she dieted she couldn’t seem to shift her weight that was accumulating around her waist and her stomach. Can you relate to this?

After one to two months of working with the areas of her body that were not functioning optimally, she began to have a breakthrough and felt she was finally making some progress. A short time later she was even more delighted with the results, saying she didn’t believe that it was possible at her age to be able to shift that accumulation around her belly. She was thinking it was due to her age and no matter how hard she tried she wouldn’t be able to get rid of it so obviously she was delighted.

The main areas that need to be considered if you feel you are stuck no matter how hard you try to beat your belly bulge are the following:

1    Detoxification of the bowel
2    Correction of the digestion
3   Elimination of yeasts or parasites in the gut
4    Hormonal balance
5    Correction of the structure of the pelvis or spine and posture of such
6    How to activate the stomach muscles
7    How to burn the stubborn fat.

I will cover each of these briefly in my next coming posts. If you would like to know more about these areas and other weight loss tips please like my facebook page for regular updates. 

To your health,
Dr. Bill

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