They say Meniere’s Disease is to dizziness, what a Migraine is to a headache.

It has the potential to be far more intense and life interrupting, with sufferers dealing with vertigo, tinnitus, in-ear pressure and even hearing loss [1].

A recent research report has looked at one specific cause: an upper cervical subluxation complex as a result of whiplash trauma.

The research project studied 300 patients over the course of 6 years.
Interestingly, all 300 consecutive patients under the researcher’s care were medically diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease (MD) and had also suffered a whiplash. The lead researcher Dr Michael Burcon remarked:

“Furthermore, ninety per cent having the same structural misalignment problem in their upper cervical spine(neck) is significant, as is ninety seven per cent getting their vertigo under control within six weeks [2].” 

At the beginning of the process, participants in the study rated their vertigo intensity on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the worse vertigo imaginable. Prior to treatment, the mean score was 8.5. Following the treatment, the averages were as follows:

  • After six weeks, 3.0
  • After one year, 2.0
  • After two years, 1.4
  • After three years, 0.9
  • At four, five and six years post-treatment, 0.8

This amounted to an improvement of more than 90%. Of the participants in the study, 97% reported a dramatic improvement in vertigo. Just 3% reported a side effect of a headache.

Treatment included correction of the Cervical subluxation with a Chiropractic “specific low force move.

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