Medical Disclaimer:- These recommendations are the opinion of the Author Anthony William in the book “Medical Medium.”

Based on my own clinical experience I am of a similar opinion as to the Author in most things but not all. In some cases, I simply have not tested his recommendations, therefore, cannot comment personally on their effectiveness. 
The items are listed in order of their relative priority. 

While this may be valuable for general application my suggestion in applying this information is to be tested to see which items will work best for you as all cases are unique. According to the Author, EBV is often a contributing factor in this condition and advises following EBV Protocol as well. 

This information is supplied for educational purposes and is your right and responsibility to apply it as you see fit.

  • EPA & DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid): omega-3 fats to help protect and fortify the myelin nerve sheath. By sure to buy a plant-based (not fish-based) version  
  • Lglutamine: an amino acid that removes toxins such as MSG from the brain and protects neurons  
  • Lion’s mane: medicinal mushroom that helps protect the myelin sheath and support neuron function  
  • ALA (alpha-lipoic acid): helps repair damaged neurons and neurotransmitters. Also helps mend the myelin nerve sheath 
  • Monolaurin: a fatty acid that kills virus cells, bacteria cells, and other bad microbes (e.g. mould) in the brain  
  • Curcumin: component of turmeric that reduces inflammation of the central nervous system and relieves pain 
  • Barley grass juice extract powder: contains micronutrients that feed the central nervous system. Also helps feed brain tissue, neurons, and the myelin nerve sheath 
  • Curcumin: component of turmeric that reduces inflammation and relieves pain  
  • Nettle leaf: herb containing alkaloids that can reduce inflammation specific to EBV 
  • Turmeric: the root that reduces inflammation and relieves pain  
  • Nacetyl cysteine: an amino acid that reduces inflammation and relieves pain  
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): a compound that reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain

To your health,

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