“After having my 4th child in under 6 years my body was far from where I would have liked it to be. So when my baby was 12 weeks old I decided to try weight watchers. I was 85kgs and after losing 7kgs I was finding it very hard to lose any more weight. I was put onto Dr Bill’s program, including FigR8, and was definitely skeptical at first but decided that I would give it a go. I noticed instantly the increased energy levels which helped me to go much harder in my work outs and also my lack of appetite which really helped me cut down my portion sizes with my food. I lost my cravings for chocolate and sugar and no longer thought about food – something I constantly did on weight watchers. His products helped me lose the extra weight that I was unable to do just by diet and exercise. They helped me get down to 62kg.. so I lost another 13kgs! They have also given me lots of extra energy – I really do feel great!” -Christy Mcintosh

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