Detox Starter Pack


RegenR8 and Fulmin8 work together to assist in detoxification and regeneration.


RegenR8 – Pre and Pro-biotics build healthy bacteria in the bowel. They help eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria. The other ingredients are fermented super foods that are predigested to give easy assimilation of their nutrients of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements. Assists Detox., Digestion and Regeneration

A stand-alone product but when taken with other products such as Fulmin8 and InvigR8 will enhance their benefits also.

Fulmin8 – Fulvix and Humic acid; minerals and trace elements; amino acids and plant enzymes. These are often deficient in most soils, but are essential for every biomechanical function in the body particularly joints, brain and nervous system. Assists Detox. and Regeneration.


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