Fulvix and Humic acid; minerals and trace elements; amino acids and plant enzymes. These are often deficient in most soils, but are essential for every bio-mechanical function in the body particularly joints, brain and nervous system.

Assists Detox and Regeneration.


We have searched for the most complete concentrated unrefined supplement for human nutrition for the modern times, and have found the most comprehensive source of Fulvic- and Humic acid incorporating more than 77minerals and trace elements, as well as a spectrum of Amino Acids and plant enzymes. Sourced from ancient humic shale deposits located deep in the ground in New Mexico USA. Most colloidal and complex mineral supplements available today are refined and have virtually no fulvic acid in its makeup. Fulvic acid is natures most powerful chelator to convert inorganic silica and other rock minerals into the smallest particle sizes known to man for effective organic uptake in plants.

Conventional agriculture has generally denatured the soils, stripping it of many essential organic minerals and trace elements which are essential for healthy development, vitality, life force and intellect. Sadly these essential nutrients are lacking in a lot of today’s foods. Not all minerals are created equal. Many companies are producing minerals that are not from organic sources, making them potentially toxic. Metallic minerals tend to be stored in the fat cells and build up over time making it difficult to detox. Fulmin8 Fulvic acid assists every stage of cellular metabolism and is the most powerful, natural electrolyte known. It restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins within minutes. When it encounters free radicals with unpaired positive or negative electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite charge to neutralize the free radical. Fulvic acid acts as a refiner and transporter of organic materials and cell nutrients.

Directions: 8ml once a day in a juice or with a with meal add to hydrating liquids during workout.

Ingredients: 78 major and trace minerals, amino acids and plant enzymes in a concentrated form from ancient humic shale.


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