Immune Boost Pack


No matter the season, it is vital to keep the body energised and fighting disease.  My Immune Boost pack helps you stay strong, letting you focus on your normal health regime!

A dynamic combination: InvigR8 works to cleanse your body and optimise energy levels while Oxyboost pushes your digestion and metabolism to their peak, keeping your weight loss and fitness goals in sight.



Super food special blend with super greens, herbs, minerals and phytonutrients. High in enzymes, it nourishes the body and protects it from free radicals, toxins and stress. These all contribute to premature ageing. Enzymes represent the spark that ignites other biochemical functions including energy production. Enzymes are lost in cooking. Fulmin8 and InvigR8 are the two most powerful food substances you can put into your body. Assists Detox, Digestion, Regeneration and Energy.


Oxygen liquid for energy, metabolism, sickness, nutrition and during or pre-workouts. Enzymes also help the body burn fat for energy.


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