Would you like to hear what the 3 secrets are for successful New Year’s resolutions?

You’ve all heard the story or done it yourself of making New Year’s resolutions and breaking them. Or maybe you’ve just said “I give up! It never works anyway…”

Would you like to hear what the 3 secrets are for successful New Year’s resolutions?

Secret Number 1 – Desire.

It all starts with desire.

You must really have a strong motivation to achieve your goal, otherwise, you will not have the juice or strength to keep going. Then at your first obstacle or setback, you may give up. There must be a strong emotive component to your desire.

Let me introduce you to one of the most powerful principles I know of on how to achieve your goals and your desires.

This is called the “what if” principle.
“What if” means you have to imagine what it would be like if you had already achieved your goal.

You have to say to yourself “what if I had already achieved my goal?
How would that feel?
How would I act?
How would I think?
What do I see myself doing differently?”

And you practice going through those questions and their answers in your mind. You must capture the enjoyable powerful emotions of how it would feel if you had already succeeded. You imagine in your mind the resulting enjoyable actions, thoughts and results. Do this when you can completely relax and have some quiet, undisturbed time.

If your goal or desire was to lose weight, for example, a more positive effective statement would be:-

  1. “How would it feel if I was my ideal weight”? and then allow yourself to experience that feeling.
  2. “How would I act if I was my ideal weight”? that includes how would I breathe, speak, move, posture etc.
  3. ”How would I think if I was my ideal weight”? This includes the type of thoughts that you would think
  4. “What do I see myself doing differently if I was my ideal weight”? Picture it in your mind.

Then throughout the day during your normal activities, you practice what that would feel like and how you would act.

The reason affirmations don’t always work is because you may have a subconscious block to your goal or your desire.

What this What If” principle does is to help you avoid this subconscious block.

Your subconscious mind (your mental computer) is designed to move you toward what it feels is in your best interest, and away from what is not in your best interest. Towards pleasure and away from pain.

So it’s important as you’re going through these mental, feeling and bodily exercises to connect up enjoyment with all of those things; to enjoy the feeling and to act as if you were enjoying your desired end result now. When you connect enjoyment or other powerful positive emotions to it, then your subconscious will move you magically toward that end result. Because it now realises it is in your best interest whether you have a self-sabotage there or not.

At the risk of complicating the instructions, you can also add what it would be like not to achieve your goal or desire. In other words- what you want to avoid. You want to avoid the pain, disappointment and embarrassment of failure. That can actually motivate you also.

Secret Number 2- Belief

This at first glance may appear to you to be a strange one to include but let me assure you it is also a very powerful secret to master. If you do not believe either consciously or subconsciously that you can achieve your desire then you most likely will not and at some point, along with your path, you will fail. So how do you build or strengthen your belief that you can achieve your desire?

Your belief is influenced by what you experience through your senses: what you read, hear, see visually and what you experience through your feelings.

These all influence your beliefs and even your values.

So it’s important to put into your mind all those things that will strengthen your beliefs.

What we have already covered in part one will help

Hearing the results of what others achieve can help your belief system and inspire you to do the same.

Having access to the right information either by reading, listening or watching can also strengthen your belief system and help you to stay the course.

The video we have prepared for you will greatly assist you to do just that.

Secret Number 3 Plan of action

Create a plan of attack or a step by step process by which you will achieve what you truly want.

All great achievers start with a plan

This keeps you on track and gives you important feedback to monitor your progress. What is also valuable is to write your goals down where you can look at them often especially with a picture of your end result. Sharing your goals and your progress with someone else or a group provides accountability which empowers your plan even further.

Having a plan can also help maintain persistence which I am sure you already know is critical to your success.

It’s important to be realistic in setting your goals. High enough to inspire you, but not too high that you get easily discouraged. Also getting a measure of success quickly helps inspire you to keep going.

I’m going to add to that a deadline. Although this may make you squirm in your seat, your plan of action is much more powerful if you add a deadline to when your goal or one or more steps in your goal is to be completed. This puts your subconscious on notice that you want to achieve this particular goal or desire by a certain time period.

The real benefit and power of these 3 secrets are that once you have success it gives you the confidence to go on to bigger and better things. So you can use these 3 important principles at any time of the year and for any other goals, you might have.

They form part of my BIOCYBERNETICS SYSTEM that I use extensively and successfully in my clinic and in my Wholistic Health Coaching Course.

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