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Option 1: Select from the list of nutritional packs to suit your individual need.

Option 2: Select from the list of Webinar topics and apply the information contained in the individual webinar

Option 3: Start at webinar number 1 and work through to number 3 then add individual webinar of choice as in Option 2

Option 4: Start at Option 2 then add webinars number 1 to number 3

Option 5: Any order that is recommended by your coach or your own selection.

Good results can be optioned simply by applying the free education. Better results can be achieved by using the recommended nutrition and personal coaching.

Utilise “The Ten Fundamentals of a Healthier Natural Lifestyle” contained in the blog for ongoing improvement and long-term wellness and prevention.

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What Our Customers are Saying

I lost 33kg using Dr Bill’s education to help change my mindset and how I felt about myself.*


After having my 4th child in under 6 years my body was far from where I would have liked it to be. So when my baby was 12 weeks old, I decided to try Weight Watchers. I lost 7kgs and was finding it very hard to loose any more. I was very skeptical but decided to give Zeta8 products a go. Instantly, I noticed I had increased energy levels and decreased appetite. I lost my cravings for chocolate and sugar and no longer thought about food – something I constantly did on Weight Watchers. Zeta8 helped me lose the extra weight that I was unable to just by diet and exercise alone. With Zeta8 products I lost another 13kgs and they’ve given me so much extra energy – I really do feel great on Zeta8.*


I don’t remember changing anything drastically. I started living by basic health principles taught by Dr Bill. I began to drop weight and feel really good. I wasn’t tired during the day anymore, when before I would need an afternoon nap. Even after pregnancy, just living by these simple health principles, I quickly got back to my pre-baby weight and lost even more. I love Dr Bill’s education, products and would highly recommend them to everyone – especially other mums like me!*


With Dr Bill’s help I lost 10kgs in just one month! On the 8 day detox, I lost 3.9kgs. It was great! It’s been a month now and I’ve already lost 10kgs in total. People ask me all the time “what are you taking?” and I tell them it’s Zeta8. They are so blown away by the results and so am I. I’m now 93kgs and more toned. I love it!*


Natural Products | Fast Results

Reach your weight loss goals with FigR8 – Dr Bill’s signature weight control product. FigR8 is made of amino acids arginine and lysine in cherry juice that builds lean muscle while you sleep.

Money Back Guarantee!

If our products don’t give you results for any reason, we don’t want you to pay for them. Simply send back the product and receive a full refund. We understand that everything doesn’t work for everyone so unlike others, we’re giving you a full year to experience results… no rush, no fuss.

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*Weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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