How Online Poker is Stealing From You

It has happened to the best of us- you deposit some money for your poker account, download the poker client, and start playing- only to find out that you are lousy at poker. derivative. This may have happened to you only a couple of times, but it is entirely possible for you to be spoiled for your own good.

Perhaps the hottest chip in the last decade has been the online poker player. Do you remember the lousy poker player of yesteryear? Well, most of you do remember at least one such player, although he or she may have changed their style recently. An old habit, but a new style-something the sucked out of you.

A couple of years ago, you could sit in at an online poker table and end up playing with a team of aggressive, wild kids, which made for very exciting play. Most of these kids were in no way familiar with hand rankings and were a lot of fun to watch in the early stages. Some of the kids were downright dangerous, as they seemed to take any game at their word-even when no one asked them to play very tight.

Then a year or two ago, something changed. No more reckless kids to watch, not any more wild charges either. The good old reliable tight kid was not present, as everyone had learned how to play poker differently. Today, you find that everyone is playing poker more professionally. The games are higher stakes and there are fewer loose monkeys to watch around the tables.

To understand what this means, you have to understand the poker business cycle. The business cycles of any business are divided into three sub-business cycles. The first sub-business cycle is the early business cycle. The second sub-business cycle is the middle business cycle, and lastly, the late business cycle.

How Online Poker is Stealing From You

Early business cycle

The first sub-business cycle is called the initial business cycle. In this cycle, poker rooms or sites are in the process of building their business. They are in a lot ofination to have players, and in the early part of the cycle, poker rooms are in the process of building their player pool.

conducive to attract customers and build their player pool. The process of player introductions, which is mostly done in live games, is more popular in this cycle.

Middle business cycle

The middle cycle is preferable, as poker rooms are in the process of improving their player database, and making their facilities more efficient and user friendly. Moreover, in this cycle, poker rooms are focusing on improving service and convenience levels for their players, while trying to standardize and automate their back-end operation.

late business cycle

The last cycle is considered to be the transition period, as poker rooms are feeling the pinch of the downturn. Most of the big poker rooms are starting to noticeSlowdown in business and are pressed to make their services more efficient. Now they are positioning themselves as essential agencies, to be depended on, at a time when profitability is tighter.


Poker, whether played online or live, is a game of competitions. In a tight game, players may berouped in every room of the poker room, playing for poker points, playing to win poker points, or playing to win money. As the number of poker rooms is reduced, playing in multiple rooms will become more common. Thepokerroom will have to come up with a new strategy to stay in the game-we who love to play poker, will have to provide multiple rooms, 5000!!

I wish you luck in winning games!